A selection of the crafts represented within the group

The group is diverse with a wide range of crafts on offer. All pieces are hand crafted and form unique presents and heirloom pieces to use and treasure.

  • Woodturning – we have a couple of woodturners, each turning out a diverse yet complimentary range of items. These include beautifully turned bowls, vases, pens, peppermills, bangles, earrings and various other items fruit and Christmas decorations are very popular too.
  • Textiles and mixed media – a testament to the variety of things that can be made out of fabric.
  • Quilting and piecing – there are several within the group creating traditional and modern styles of quilts, wall-hangings.
  • Mixed media, lace work.
  • Jewellery – a diverse group of individuals who design unique pieces .
  • Silver and semi-precious jewellery.
  • Delicate beading , lamp work.
  • Fine beads, fabrics.
  • Crochet – individual designs, a diverse range of items to wear or for the home, from scarves and jackets to cushions and blankets.
  • Papercraft – from high end decoupage pictures to finely formed mixed media cards and prints of larger formal pieces.
  • Pottery and Ceramics – Showcasing a wide range of techniques and styles members have produced fine pieces from everyday utility work to sculptural and ornamental items.